Remembering You

I believe we shouldn’t dwell in negative emotions and I do a pretty good job of not doing so, however, there are emotions we’re supposed to feel when we lose a loved one, even a pet. It may seem strange to some that I included a pet, but I’m sure all the animal lovers out there don’t think so.

Having lost our dog this week, my wife and I have experienced a deep sadness that while not unexpected for her, came as a surprise to me. I loved the dog, and I always knew I would miss him when the time came for him to leave us. But he was more my wife’s buddy than mine, and I thought I would be fine. Well I’m not, and that’s the reason for this post and my poem.

You see if I’ve learned anything in my sobriety it’s that there is a difference in feeling the emotions we’re supposed to and dwelling in ones that serve no purpose. We need to process our sadness and, believe me, I’m still processing mine. But I’m aware that dwelling in deep sadness isn’t a good thing for anyone.

So with that said, here’s my poem. Besides crying and talking to someone about how I’m feeling, writing is another way I sometimes process sadness.

Our dog’s name is Jonesy. And he will be greatly missed.

Remembering You 

We’re still crying over a loss
That was greater than we knew
It takes time to let go of a pet you love
And we’re not finished remembering you

We still call out your name
Even though you’re no longer here
We think about you everyday
And look at pictures we hold dear

We still go on the walks
That you always got excited for
We haven’t forgotten the treat afterwards
And how you always wanted more

We still look out on the deck
Where you enjoyed laying in the sun
We haven’t forgotten how you liked to play
And which toy was your favorite one

We haven’t forgotten the barking
And how you wondered what was in store
Every time you heard a knocking sound
Or someone actually at the door

We haven’t forgotten the noises you made
Little whines full of delight
Whenever you were outside with us
And another dog came into sight

We haven’t forgotten the car rides
And how much you liked going bye-byes
We simply miss everything about you
And have good reason to cry

We experienced a loss
That was greater than we knew
We will never let go of the love we feel
And will never stop remembering you

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