Am I ‘Two’ Insecure?

I’ve found that when it comes to having doubts in life or in ourselves, we can be insecure in one of two ways. We can look up to people who are confident and strong and be inspired to grow and be like them. Or we can be jealous of them and act out in ways … Read more Am I ‘Two’ Insecure?

The People I Love

I never asked to have a problem with alcohol, but then who does?   No one asks to become addicted to a substance.  However, some do, and it’s those people I want to help. I didn’t get sober to grow as a person, I got sober because I wasn’t happy. I didn’t stay sober because … Read more The People I Love

Happy Being Me

For some people happiness seems to come easy. You may know or have met one of these types; they’re almost always smiling and upbeat, and have a positive outlook on life.  However, there are also those, who through no fault of their own, are quite the opposite. They feel little happiness in life and may … Read more Happy Being Me

Being Happy Without Being Special

“I’ve been sober for over 18 years, and the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous as they are written in the book Twelve Steps And Twelve Traditions were an instrumental part of my early recovery. I would read them everyday and I memorized most of what I read. I also practice them, of course, and even … Read more Being Happy Without Being Special

Finding A Happy Balance

Research shows that some people have an imbalance of neurochemicals in our brains responsible for happiness and a sense of well-being, of which I believe I’m one of.  I’m sure this played a major role in why I liked alcohol so much; it made me feel good about myself and life. Well for a while anyway. … Read more Finding A Happy Balance