A More Level Playing Field

Until we all fully understand that it’s not just the current and previous administrations who are to blame for the growing economic inequality in America, but big corporations and their greed. We will never unite and prosper as a people. The demise of the Middle Class will continue. And the true culprits, specifically the Billionaire businessmen … Read more

Let’s All Have A New Mind-Set

We must become united as a people if we ever expect to help solve our nation’s problems. But first we need to drop the self-defeating mind-set of “us against them.” A division of our citizens that was instigated by the government a long time ago. We need to see how both sides of our political … Read more

Poor Folks Tale

“The Tea Party is all like…’the sky is falling, the sky is falling.’ The President is all like…’no it’s not, everything’s good.’ And the Republican Party is all like…’even if it is falling, we’re not helping fix it.’ The moral of the story? No one in government seems to have any morals.”