Growing Less Troubled

“One thing I’ve learned over my long-term sobriety is that while each year sober doesn’t guarantee trouble-free times, it does give us an opportunity to grow both spiritually and as a person. It is through growth that we know troublesome times are usually temporary. It is through growth that we are able to turn hope … Read more

Am I The Only One Who Feels This Way?

Being an only child, I have a lot of fun by myself and do some pretty immature things for my personal amusement. I sometimes make up words to songs I’m listening to and even sing to them in a foreign language that’s unrecognizable because it’s made up. I also talk to myself and find I’m … Read more

Changing Ourselves For The Better

An emotional excerpt from my book. I was writing about an AA speaker’s meeting in 2004, where I shared my story to celebrate my eighth year anniversary sober. “I would also reach my eighth year sober that month and once again share my story. This time, however, not only was my wife there, but my … Read more