Our Journey Never Ends

For those of us who profess to be on a spiritual journey while here on Earth, no matter how well we think we’re doing, there will be times when we behave in ways that are anything but spiritual. For example, just the other day a friend of mine told me something I didn’t like and … Read more

Growing Less Troubled

“One thing I’ve learned over my long-term sobriety is that while each year sober doesn’t guarantee trouble-free times, it does give us an opportunity to grow both spiritually and as a person. It is through growth that we know troublesome times are usually temporary. It is through growth that we are able to turn hope … Read more

Finding Strength Within And Without

There were times early in my sobriety when it felt like I was barely holding onto my sanity and I wasn’t sure what to do. I was never very good at facing emotional pain or figuring out why I had it. But thankfully I did hold on. I needed help from others with these struggles. … Read more

Being Open Minded About Love

We don’t have to grow spiritually to love ourselves and be happy in life, but it can help us have an open mind. Having an open mind can help us understand ourselves and our behaviors better. When we understand ourselves and why we do some of the negative things we do, we can change those … Read more